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Homecoming Parade from Marine Gardens to Memorial Park, Fleetwood CD: ‘Songs of the Great War
Patricia’s much-anticipated, historically informed CD of the popular songs of the First World War! Songs from 1913 to 1919 from the English, Canadians, Germans, French, Americans and Pacifists. Includes: Long Long Trail, Pack up your Troubles, Over There, Stay Down Here Where You Belong, The Rose of No Man’s Land, Till We Meet Again, Chimes of Normandy, Bald, Allzubalde, Gegen England, Somewhere in France, Quand Madelon, Roses of Picardy, Red is the English Rose.

New folk-prog trio with Rupert Gillett and Will Summers…a swirly, folky, early-music, proggy mishmash, including The Larks they Sang Melodious, Searching for Lambs, The Cuckoo, the Three Ravens, Sally Free and Easy and more! See the band HERE and order the CD HERE

She-Wrote-the-Songs CD: ‘She Wrote the Songs’ (HEAR SAMPLER)
I have written a book, to be published by Valley Press, to go with the CD shown here. It is to celebrate the contributions of Victorian women to the genre of Popular Song. Songs with piano for the parlour being the one musical sphere women had unrestricted access to in the Victorian and Edwardian world, this is where the masterpieces are to be found. But first, one must resurrect the genre. Dipping into my sheet music collection, started when I was 9 years old, I examine and research the fascinating stories behind the songs. A whopping 34 tracks! You can buy it right HERE There will also be MERCH and YOUTUBE content.

Lovekyn Page 1 CD: ‘In Mirth and Mourning
Released November, 2016 Since I put up posters for Early Music Vancouver as a 19 year old student I’ve wanted to do a Renaissance CD! These two wonderful fellows are really fun colleagues and we have performed in a wide array of splendid Stately Homes and even Sir Francis Drake’s “Golden Hinde”. Click on the title to see a small sample of this relaxing recording. Includes a few of my favourite Campion songs, from a female perspective, and also two Broadside Ballads…”A Country Lass” and the rather risque “Watkins Ale

CD: ‘Our Lovely Day
Released 14th November, 2011 A glorious compilation of nostalgic songs; evergreens that are still enjoyed by young and old, Our Lovely Day brings to life the sounds of a cherished era. Tracks include We’ll Gather Lilacs, Love’s Old Sweet Song, Smiling Through, Always, Yours, Drink to me Only, Come to the Fair, A Nice Cup of Tea, I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, My Own, Button up your Overcoat and I’ll See You In My Dreams. All in exciting but respectful new arrangements using a wide variety of instruments.

CD: ‘One Day When We Were Young
Featured on Sony’s Down Memory Lane compilation album. Music by Johann Strauss II, words by Oscar Hammerstein II. Adapted by Dmitri Tiomkin. Arrangement by Matt Redman and Nick Ball. Patricia Hammond (female vocals), Matt Redman (electric guitar and mandolin), Nick Ball (drums and percussion), Jon Butterfield (piano), John Baker (double bass) and Leslie Townsend (violin).
Hear it here: One Day When We Were Young.

CD: ‘Le Charme’, French Salon songs
Belleville Records, 2002.
Rare and out-of-print, Patricia has just found a cache of these CDs in Walthamstow and is making it available again in her ONLINE SHOP!
Editor’s shortlist, best CDs of 2008, American Record Guide.“It’s a beautiful and balanced program, and the singing is perfect. The voice is silvery but substantial. It’s smooth and sweet and rich but not thick or heavy. She is English but sings French like a native, with native wit and feeling” – Donald Vroon, Editor, American Record Guide.

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  1. Olghissima Says:

    Darling, i’m ashamed to say this is the first time i have seen this new website… i’m here admiring it with my friend… it and you are GORGEOUS as ever. HUGS N KISSES xoxoxoxox

  2. Marijke Dieusaert Says:

    Dear Mrs Hammond,

    For my fathers´birthday, I want to buy the CD on which you sang the song / Aria ´Bist du bei mir´BWV 508 (Leipzig 1725). I can not find it. Can you help me? He would be so happy with it.
    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards,
    Marijke Dieusaert

  3. Dennis Rice Says:

    Hi. I was looking for the CD “She Wrote the Songs.” Is it out? If so, your site does not allow it to be purchased. And thanks for what you do.


  4. Patricia Says:

    Oh goodness yes I must update that. Thank you. The CD is here:

  5. Kenneth R. Weeks Says:

    As I expected, the voice is enchanting, and the the piano accompaniment is absolutely superb!! Brava, brava!!

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