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  1. Jo Hammond Says:

    You should have seen Oren when I showed him this! Mesmerized for 30 seconds, then smile, and dance, dance, dance!
    Your voice has most definitely been imprinted on his brain.

  2. Louis Biillerey Says:

    Love your choice of songs and voice.
    Good luck in your career.

  3. Hugh's Room » Blog Archive » Patricia Hammond Says:

    […] View Patricia Hammond perform at the following link: […]

  4. Charis Says:

    Go East, young girl! Your voice has much more flavors than those contained in a cup of tea!

  5. Jo Teredo Says:

    The Fleetwood Parade seems to be your nephew’s and niece’s favourites. They watch it and say, “Again,” ad infinitum. I have to shut the computer down to end it. Mesmerized by the kids and your performance.

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