Here it is! The CD to go with the book that’s just been published by Valley Press! See the book HERE… This 34-track CD is in a non-plastic cardboard folder for easy storage on a bookshelf, and many of the songs on it are recorded for the first time, as well as also including some absolute classics. Featuring the wonderful pianist Andrea Kmecova, and a guest spot by Rupert Gillett‘s warm cello! BUY IT HERE

Track listing:
1. The House and the Road (m. Dorothy Parke, w. Josephine Preston Peabody)
2. Bless This House (m. May Brahe, w. Helen Taylor)
3. The Wide Brown Land (m. May Brahe, w. Dorothea MacKellor)
4. Come Back to Erin (m & w Charlotte Alington Barnard “Claribel”)
5. Take Back the Heart (m. Charlotte Alington Barnard “Claribel”, w. Mary Ann Danet Gifford)
6. Out on the Rocks (m. Charlotte Sainton Dolby, w. Charlotte Alington Barnard “Claribel”)
7. Duna (m. Josephine McGill, w. marjorie Pickthall)
8. The Chop Waltz “Chopsticks” (m. Euphemia Allan)
9. In the Gloaming (m. Annie Fortescue Harrison, w. Meta Orred)
10. A Perfect Day (m & w, Carrie Jacobs-Bond)
11 – 22 Half Minute Songs (m & w by Carrie Jacobs-Bond)
23 When the Coloured Lady Saunters Down the Street* (m & w by Amanda Ira Aldridge)
24. Can Sorrow Find Me (m. Avril Coleridge-Taylor, w. Minnie Aumonier)
25. Juanita (m & w Caroline Sheridan Norton)
26. Forget me Not (m & w Caroline Sheridan Norton)
Four Indian Love Lyrics (m. Amy Woodforde-Finden, w. Adela Florence Nicolson “Laurence Hope”)
27 . The Temple Bells
28. Less Than the Dust
29. Kashmiri Song
30. Till I Wake
31. Melisande in the Wood (m. Alma Goetz, w. Ethel Clifford)
32. Alabaster (m. Liza Lehmann, w. Sarojini Naidu)
33. If No-One Ever Marries Me (m. Liza Lehmann, w. Laurence Alma-Tadema
34. Evensong (m. Liza Lehmann, w. Constance Morgan)

Seriously, look at all that! Even if you don’t have a CD player, this is a reference work. This is all very new

*Apologies for the potentially triggering term…Amanda Aldridge, a British woman of colour, wrote the words herself in 1901 and used the most liberal term of the day. I chose to present her words as she wrote them.

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