Very excited that BBC Radio York is playing the disc every night this week! This is all thanks to Sandie Dunleavey, who hosts a four-hour programme starting at 6pm, every weekday. She received a copy of Our Lovely Day and listened to the whole thing, and immediately rang me up.
“Loved your CD, and I’ll be playing it every night this week.”
I said that I tour Yorkshire for the Lost Chord Foundation, and that the arranger/guitar/banjo/ukulele/bouzouki player on the disc, Matt Redman, was born in Yorkshire and went to Chethams, and that Michael Brough, pianist for “Smilin’ Through”, “Love’s Old Sweet Song” and “My Own”, is also Yorkshire.
“Well I don’t have to have a Yorkshire connection, just good singer, good song,” she said, jauntily.
We need more Sandies in this world.
She’s also a fan of films.
She played “Lovely Weekend” last night and you can hear it HERE until this time next week. At 1:09:50.
I do remember going through York on a tour and hearing her distinctive, relaxing voice, and loving her selections. People in that region must really look forward to their evening commute because of her.

We’ve also been reviewed by the-rocker in Zeitgeist.
I particularly love his memories of his grandmother.

And again, the CD is available on Amazon, and now on Spotify.

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