Patricia’s first Early Music album! After years of performing early music, and many requests for recorded evidence of this, she collaborates with Renaissance flautist and recorder player Will Summers, and lutenist and guitarist Stephen Carpenter to make this lovely little recording, combining the approachability of folk music with the technical precision of period performance.


Since I put up posters for Early Music Vancouver as a 19 year old student I’ve wanted to do a Renaissance CD! These two wonderful fellows are really fun colleagues, and we have performed in a wide array of splendid Stately Homes and even Sir Francis Drake’s “Golden Hinde”. Click on the link below to see a small sample of this relaxing recording. Includes a few of my favourite Campion songs, from a female perspective, and also two Broadside Ballads… “A Country Lass” and the rather risque “Watkins Ale”. See what you think! Comes in a booklet-free compact digipak.
Here is a sampler:

1. What if a Day, or a Month, or a Yeare?
2. Author of Light
3. Since First I Saw Your Face
4. First Witch’s Dance
5. Johnson’s Flat Masque
6. Thrice Tosse These Oaken Ashes in the Air
7. A Country Lass
8. Under the Green Linden Tree
9. A Pretty Ducke
10. In Darkness Let Me Dwell
11. Second Witch’s Dance
12. Sir Francis Bacon’s Masque
13. Tell Me Dearest
14. Oft Have I Sigh’d
15. Never weather Beaten Sail
16. Nymph’s Dance
17. Watkins’ Ale

Additional information

Weight .070 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 12.5 × .07 cm

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