Lovely PR man Doug has set up another blog for me, more “hipster” in feel (well, I do have hips…can’t argue with that…) and I feel I must somehow share this information! For those who are in any way interested (oh it all feels so solipsistic! I try to talk about other people in it) here tis:
I do apologise for the size of the print and the fact it is white-on-black. Perhaps this is to do with the hipster element too.
Also I apologise for the way that these emails say, clinically, at the bottom, “you received this email because you asked for it.”
Oh while I’m recommending blogs, take a look at the adorable Noir Girl’s blog! I’m not just saying this because we had a really fun conversation which she’s painstakingly transcribed, but because she’s got some wonderfully enjoyable features (“read with me!” “The Huzzah Squad” and has a lovely sense of joy about things Noir, and things, for want of a better word, retro.)

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  1. Emily O'Hara Says:

    Hey Patricia, amazing gig at the scoop! What a beautiful voice – the crowd were blown away by the Canadian Nightingale! Can’t wait to hear you and your incredible musicians again

  2. C.L. Says:

    What a pleasure it was to happen upon your concert on the Southbank last week. I look forward to hearing your new album.

  3. stephen brown Says:

    Thanks for the videos and blogs- you should watch the Youtube clip of Deanna Durbin at
    14 years singing Il Bacio in a police station!

    ( Have you done ‘ Songs my mother taught me ‘(Dvorak, no 4) and Dark Eyes ?)

    I think you should gather together all your various writings, articles and blogs in one place ( including those notes
    you did 10 years ago for Virgin Megastore which are buried in the internet ! ) and publish them in some format.

    There is a genre and market for recollections by various professions ( eg the books by vet , James Herriot , in Yorkshire, doctors
    and psychiatrists etc ) but I am not aware of anything by opera singers ( not ghosted) and your writing is very engaging , picturesque and
    literate., as I mentioned last year !

    Anyway , just an intuition for the future as you seem busy enough currently on the record promotion !

    I was hoping to buy your new CD in the summer when I visit UK from Dubai but I expect it can be purchased on the internet
    in October 2011 ?

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