“Our Lovely Day” is now completed! All 18 tracks have been recorded, and now we’re just waiting for a release date, and a swank location for a showcase. As soon as I know, I will post details on this site.

Songs on this CD, in no particular order, include Button Up your Overcoat (you belong to me); Yours; That Lovely Weekend; Can’t Help Singing; A Nice Cup of Tea in the Morning; Did You Ever See a Dream Walking; Smiling Through; Always; the Honeysuckle and the Bee; We’ll Gather Lilacs; My Own; Drink to me Only; Love’s Old Sweet Song; I’ll See You In My Dreams; and of course, Our Lovely Day.

A glorious compilation of nostalgic songs: evergreens that are still enjoyed by young and old, Our Lovely Day brings to life the sounds of a cherished era.

Despite the continuing popularity of such numbers as Smilin’ Through and Let Him Go Let Him Tarry, many of these gems haven’t been recorded in several decades. Others, such as Love’s Old Sweet Song and We’ll Gather Lilacs, are almost standards. “It’s a distillation of my favourites and the favourites of the many people I’ve sung to,” says Patricia. “It’s wonderful when these two things go together!”

A mixture of songs from Patricia’s childhood, her ongoing sheet music collection, and audience requests, this CD presents 13 specially-commissioned arrangements, using two exciting young talents, Matt Redman and Nick Ball, who also provide 16 of the 31 instruments used on the album. Drink To Me Only and I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls use a simple harp accompaniment, three songs are for piano and voice, and the rest range from a small early jazz ensemble including spoons, banjo and violin, to a lavish assortment of orchestral sounds.

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  1. Marilya Reese Says:

    I cannot resist listening over and over to the BIST DU BEI MIR video on youtube; I googled the song because a German-Turkish poet, Zehra Çirak of Berlin, featured the lyrics in her newly-released collection of prose titled DER GERUCH VON GLÜCK (The Smell of Happiness)….the sound of happiness is Patricia Hammond’s voice!

  2. Niall Sullivan Says:

    Help! “Bist du bei mir” appears to have disappeared from YOUTUBE. Has it been pulled on purpose?

  3. Patricia Says:

    Bookers were afraid that the venues we’re trying to attract would be scared of me if they saw that the majority of my clips were in a church! But it’s back up again…just for you!

  4. Niall Sullivan Says:

    I also note that the new CD omits “Till we meet again” and “In the gloaming”, two of my favourite Patricia Hammond drawing-room ballads.

  5. Patricia Says:

    Hopefully they’ll be on the next release! If “Our Lovely Day” is hugely successful there will be more! Hard to narrow it down to under 20 songs…so many good ones out there.

  6. Wendy & Dave Kettlewell Says:

    Hello Patricia – Is there a list of your forthcoming concerts?

    We really enjoy the clips on Youtube.

    Any more news on the release of your CD? I’ll buy one as a surprise gift for my husband.

    Regards – The Kettlewells

  7. Patricia Says:

    Thank you! That’s really kind! Yes there is a list of gigs on the ‘gigs’ link…I can also be hired! Have a stern word with the local community hall! The Lovely Parlour Band thrives on such events.

  8. emma english Says:

    hi there,

    your voice is enchanting, i’m a soprano and i sing similar repetoire. You are wonderful, keep up the good work.


  9. Patricia Says:

    They’re amazing songs. I hope that this repertoire finds a new respectability and we see them in the Wigmore Hall before long!

  10. emma wardell Says:

    I’m really enjoying your CD of French songs, and thanks for the postcode (I’m a Jane Austen fan too). Looking forward to hearing the new CD when it’s released.

  11. Steve Says:

    I had the good fortune to meet Patricia and her Aunt at the Goodwood Revival last weekend.
    Having listened to her new CD she kindly gave me a copy of – well!
    What a voice!
    As she said, very much in the Deanna Durbin mould, and her rendition of ‘Marble Halls’ is heart-rending – so clear and sharp compared to Enya’a ethereal version.
    What a voice, and what a lady – perhaps a few songs from the UK soundtrack of ‘Pennies from Heaven’ for the next album?
    Any tour dates on the south coast of England coming up?

  12. Colin Page Says:

    Just heard your interview with Nathan Morley on Cyprus Radio, I’m just captivated with your lovely music! Keep it up…

    Colin Page,
    Larnaca, Cyprus

  13. Sophie Langan Says:

    Our Lovely Day is a divine album, What a voice you’ve got Patricia. I sing as well and wish I was as good as you! Lots of love from, Sophiexxxxx

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