I appreciate ENORMOUSLY that I have subscribers who would like to know my musical updates! Which is why I get so terribly upset when you’re sent gratuitous updates in error. Today it was a very well-meaning and lovely fellow who is helping me with my website. I can sing, I can research songs, I can talk to audiences and even attempt to drown out the sounds of vintage motors on top of a Battle Bus (as you’ve all been shown, by now!) But website codes have me stumped.
So, this fellow has gone and inadvertently sent you all two ‘junk’ emails. For this I apologise profusely. Just thinking about it makes me break out into a cold sweat. I know what a nuisance being on a mailing list can be.

In the meantime, the CD is going to press! This is the cover:
Homecoming Parade from Marine Gardens to Memorial Park, Fleetwood

I’ve also started doing Rural Touring, with concerts in Norfolk like the one pictured below, in a wonderfully atmospheric pub:
Creative Arts

And closer to London, I and a trio will be doing songs of Sunshine from the 1910s to the 1940s, though the feel will be bouncy 1920s, at the Wellcome Collection’s “On Light” event! It will be tremendous fun. Songs will include Painting the Clouds with Sunshine, The Sunshine of your Smile, Powder Your Face with Sunshine, What’s at the top of a Sunbeam, and even O Sole Mio. It is also FREE!

Details, plus a pic of me in my 20s wig here: http://wellcomecollection.org/events/songs-sunshine

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  1. Jon Nazareth Says:

    …………and what a lovely wig it s too….

  2. Alex Pangman Says:

    Love the new cover! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve done!

  3. John & Sophie Hall Says:

    Where did you get that wig, where did you get that wig?
    Hello Patricia, my daughter and I, and I’m sure all of your fans, will be delighted to hear that the CD will be available soon. The wig really suits you by the way! Hope to see you soon maybe at Brentham again. Take care, John and Sophie Hall

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