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  1. Jane Calvert Says:

    Patricia’s voice has a dreamy quality that reflects the words of the song. Love the arrangement!

  2. giuseppe Says:

    Sublime , is nice hear your songs, thank you , the your new website Is lovely and your picture too,this is pure talent to me , you so Haunting and charming too,

    your sincerely Fan.


  3. MsGuinevere Says:

    Reminds me a little of Deanna Durbin! Love it!!

  4. Wing Galaxi Says:

    Very, very nice! And wonderful to hear something being sung in English—rather rare these days.

  5. Wing Galaxi Says:

    Dear Patricia—

    There is a Czech folk song that I think you might like (perhaps you already know it). It’s called Mĕla jsem holoubka (I had a turtledove). I have put a copy of the version I prefer into Dropbox. If you would send me an email address I’ll send you a link.

    Thanks and best wishes.

  6. Wing Galaxi Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU and to all your people who play such wonderful music together!

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