The gigs have been fascinating lately. A Silent Film evening in an old Candy factory in Limehouse; a Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle in Chateau d’Oex’s hilltop church, slippery with ice; Passing Clouds in Dalston; the Experimental Cocktail Club in Soho; the British Library with A. S. Byatt, a Magicienne named Romany, and Tweedy the Clown; and an even more wonderful Ragtime Parlour than the last one, in Notting Hill. You can read more details on the other blog, HERE.

And now I’m in the Sunday Times, and a goodly few paragraphs of me at that! Terribly gratifying. But this month’s vintage-style gigs are almost all in private venues, so all these wonderful new people will be clamouring to hear the Parlour Band and they won’t be let in! All I can say to that is


And we’re jolly good, we are. We look good and sound good, and can operate in a duo (me and a piano), a trio (me and a piano plus a clarinet or violin) or me PLUS trio (The Lovely Parlour Trio: guitar/banjo, piano, specialist percussion), or Ragtime Parlour four (not requiring piano: banjo, clarinet, percussion, sousaphone) Or the full-on Lovely Parlour Band (violin, clarinet, percussion, banjo, bass, piano).

We can work with or without a PA. And nobody else sounds anything like us.

Our Lovely Day was also featured in the rather sweet magazine “Yours”. It was on their “Don’t Miss” page under “Must Listen”. They paraphrased what Sir Michael Parkinson said about the disc. He said a music-box of vintage treasures. They said a musical box of vintage treasures. Well, Jenny Agutter was on the front cover of the magazine. That ain’t any bad thing at all.

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  1. John Hall/Sophie Hall Says:

    Hi Patricia
    My daughter and I were wondering if you have any UK singing dates planned for July and beyond.

    Hope to see you soon. We are just listening to your Our Lovely Day album – Wonderful! More please!

    John and Sophie Hall

  2. Patricia Says:

    Dear John! I am so sorry I’m only replying now…I do have a few dates coming up; about to update the website! Will be in Deal, in Branscombe, and in Buxton in July! And in Jersey in May. Would love to see you both sometime!

  3. John and Sophie Hall Says:

    Hello Patricia
    Just to let you know my daughter Sophie and I are very excited. We are hoping to get some tickets to see you sing on the 12th July. I do hope we can say hello to you. There’s even dinner as well I see!
    How’s the new album coming along? Can’t wait……..
    Take care Patricia
    Kindest Regards
    John and Sophie Hall

  4. John and Sophie Hall Says:

    Hi Patricia
    After your stunning performance at the Branscombe Club, how could we not come and see you in Hampstead next month? I will wear my best hat and wave? Any more gigs lined up we should know about please?
    See you soon
    John & Sophie Hall

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