Now that the CD is available (did I mention it? Not just digitally anymore, but a physical fact, and with my google-free guaranteed booklet notes) it is starting to get a little airplay.

I had a day in a studio just off Oxford Street talking to a series of radio stations that were so obscure they didn’t have websites, though the gents who took the time to interview me were all extremely knowledgeable.

Then broadcasting legend Desmond Carrington opened his complimentary copy and decided to play “A Nice Cup of Tea” on his show The Music Goes Round on the 18th of November. Then two days ago he played “I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls”. You can hear it HERE, at exactly 16 minutes in.

Classic FM has yet to play any of it.

I’m very excited that the Lovely Parlour Trio and I are going to play live on BBC Radio London, the Breakfast Show with JoAnne Good and Simon Lederman on Saturday the 17th of December, as the last time I was there, talking of my experiences in Nursing Homes, they said to come back soon! And they also operate out of one of the very few studios still in possession of an upright piano. We believe that such respect for heritage ought to be rewarded. I might not sit on top of it, as all footage of the Lovely Parlour Band would indicate…Do see our clips on YouTube if you’re interested…

Please remember that if these updates are unecessary, or if, for any reason, you’d rather seek out information than be sought out, you can unsubscribe! I will not be in any way hurt.

But many thanks for your interest, and please spread the word about the album. We had a budget to produce it, pay for the research, the arrangements, the fine musicians, the wonderful studio and the booklet and photography, but we don’t have any for advertising. We need a very, very strong grapevine.

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  1. Sophie Langan Says:

    Classic Fm should play I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls. I think they play too many instrumentals on Classic FM. I want them to play more beautiful singers such as Patricia Hammond!

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