I’ve been singing what might be called “Downton-era duets” with soprano Sarah Dacey, arranger and fixer and all-round clever gal and member of the Juice vocal ensemble. S&P1

We had a lot of fun with a couple of Edwardian-era duet books, and then got together with pianist Charles Economou in a 12th century church in Perivale, dressing up, taking photos, and recording to see what we sounded like. I think we sound all right! Do have a listen! And below, a change of clothing.

It’s been a while since I updated my ‘forthcoming gigs’ list because I have been sitting down and writing. More on that if I sell the result! A few months will tell, but I’ve done what amounts to a book. It is, (no surprise here), about singing.

On another Downton note, two musicians I work regularly with, Nicholas Ball and Jon Butterfield, will be featured in the jazz-club scene in the current series of that wildly-popular television programme.

And another project is taking my time: a CD of World War I songs, out next year!

In the meantime, if you like Sarah’s voice, and would like an unforgettable, fascinating evening, do attend her ensemble’s tenth anniversary bash. It will be unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Just don’t expect it to sound anything like what you hear here!

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  1. R W Smith Says:

    Very pleased to hear that you are doing a CD of WW1 songs…I’ve just returned from a tour of Ypres/Somme, which included a very moving visit to Talbot House.
    I expect that you already know about the place but, if you don’t, see http://www.greatwar.co.uk/ypres-salient/museum-talbot-house.htm
    (I thought when I was there “…this is the sort of place where Patricia Hammond would have come to sing, had she been around in that era!)
    I hope you will soon be listing some ‘WW1’ gigs as well…maybe even one at that Perivale Church!
    Very best wishes


  2. Jo Teredo Says:

    I really love the blend of these two voices.
    It says a lot that you could pull the old Chopin warhorse off in this arrangement without it sounding overly sentimental or cloying.
    More, please.

  3. charles giles Says:

    Loved it, hugely promising, but strangely, to me, the acoustic didn’t sound like a church! I thought the two voices went very well together, particularly in the pianissimo passages.

  4. Jancis M. Andrews Says:

    Patricia is so beautiful and talented . . . and where does she find those supremely elegant clothes? I played the two duets, which are very lovely, especially The Lark in the Clear Air, which is one of my most favourite folk songs. And what a talented troupe the JUICE ensemble is! Most unusual. I’m looking forward to more from all these outstanding singers.

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