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I’ve been writing a lot of blather about this and that at www.thecanadiannightingale.blogspot.com and if you like vintage cars, do have a look. I was lucky enough to be at Goodwood for four whole days.

But most importantly, there is a sort of taster for the album available online on Amazon, my website and iTunes on the 23rd of October. It’s going to be called “A Nice Cup of Tea” and the artwork (though digital only, you can print one out) was created by none other than Nick Ball, one of the arrangers, and the fellow who plays not only the spoons and the glockenspiel, but also the kazoo solo. Along with Matt Redman (who plays ukulele on the track), he also arranged it. It is the song you always knew but never heard a recording of. Aren’t you lucky? Now you’ll have the recording. It’s the sort of ditty you want to whistle, and with that in mind, there is even a whistling chorus in it.

Also available – and like this one, online only – will be We’ll Gather Lilacs, in an almost chamber-ensemble arrangement (all of these by Matt and Nick); the Honeysuckle and the Bee from 1901 with a lovely ragtime feel complete with banjo; and Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry, a spirited Irish singalong which was featured in the classic film “The Way to the Stars”. So that’s four tracks, available on the 23rd of October.

Two performances will celebrate it: one on the 23rd itself, at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fair near the tea-shop, and one on the 3rd of November at a special evening devoted to poetry readings…poems about tea! In a Notting Hill tea-shop. Details on the website when you click on the “gigs” link.

AAAAND most importantly, you can HAVE a track for free. It’s my most-requested number, the Honeysuckle and the Bee. If you go to my blog, there is a widget to the left of the text and all you do is click, and follow the instructions. I want this to go around the world and for people like Stephen Fry to notice it. So forward it to as many people as you can, and maybe it’ll end up there!

Lastly, there was a nice feature at THE VINTAGE GUIDE TO LONDON recently, which, if you’re not a regular reader of said e-zine, you may have missed.

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  1. Moe Says:

    Your voice,your look,your charm radiates when youall’ perform!Keep up the GREAT work on those splended parlor songs!Amazing how nostalgic and educational the tunes really are!Almost like a history-text book relaying every detail of those bygone and forgotten days…..Cheers,your admiring Fan,Moe

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