Apologies for a false update (thank you WordPress). Now here’s a real one!
And a preview of the WW1 CD as promised!
SomewhereinFrance-CoverThis is a piece of sheet music I picked up for 25 cents in BC, in a shop called Carillon music on the King George Highway. Matt was very taken with it, and for the album he made an arrangement that replicated, as closely as possible, the sort of ensemble that was used in recording studios back in 1914, the year of its composition. We all crowded into the Cabin in Walthamstow, and did it, with no overdubbing. We made quite a din. It is the largest ensemble in the album, and the loudest.
Patricia Hammond: voice
Anna Ter Haar: Piccolo
Kit Massey: violin
Simon Marsh: clarinet
Sam Kinrade: cornet
Jon Carvell: trombone
Rupert Gillett: cello
Matt Redman: piano and arranger
Richard White: bass saxophone
Nick Ball: drums
Arranger and conductor: Matt Redman.

There we have it, the sneak preview I promised, highly compressed for a WordPress upload of course (imagine it’s on wax!). Everything for the album is done, but we are waiting for permissions. Oh the joys of doing things the proper way!

And speaking of making recordings in 1914, I will be in my 1910s clothes on BBC4 TV on Friday the 16th of January at 9pm, demonstrating the cylinder-making process! It was hugely entertaining and enlightening to hear my voice on wax. The series will be in three parts, and I’ll reappear in episode 3 to demonstrate one of Cher’s most well-known hits. I tried to dissuade them, but they were firm in their folly! I shall be watching through my fingers.

And if you live in the Vancouver area, do drop round the old Planetarium on the 17th. See the “Gigs” link!

Again, apologies for a silly blunder that sent out a nonsensical “update”.

Here is a photograph from a Victorian Christmas concert in December. Matt and I now have programmes for a Victorian Christmas, a 1940s Christmas, and a Christmas from the Trenches. VictorianRecital11

Now, back to trying to sort out my Gallery! I hate website admin!!!

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  1. Jo Teredo Says:

    Oho! It’s a grey cold day here, but as soon as I heard “Somewhere in France,” the world brightened. I can’t imagine that piece better arranged or performed. An unexpectedly upbeat piece of music.
    Congrats all of you on both.
    Hope you don’t have to wait too long for permissions.

  2. Bob Pite Says:

    Lovely. Great arrangement, sounds very authentic indeed.
    Bob Pite.

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