Sometimes people say that I don’t mention gigs until I’ve done them and it’s too late to get to them! So here’s an update that includes a concert I’m doing tomorrow! Plus, a little bit about our trip to the Channel Islands…
Matt and I just did a tour of Guernsey, where we appeared twice on the BBC, and had a wonderful time performing Songs of the Great War at the National Trust Victorian Shop, where they now play our CD on repeat all day every day! There was footage of the event so do keep an eye on the YouTube channel for when we have it. Lovely William Morris wallpaper:


Photo: Sara Lampitt for National Trust, Guernsey

Wonderful Jenny Kendall-Tobias, who knows a lot about music, had us back a few days later to perform the anthem of Guernsey, “Sarnia Cherie”, which was written in 1911, so completely central to the stylistic world of our Songs of the Great War project and CD, which she played on air as well. We sold a few copies! Here is the first radio appearance…will upload the 2nd in due course. Please do SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel; and please give a thumbs-up to anything you like on it. It helps the videos to be seen!

I do highly, emphatically, recommend the Victorian Shop in Guernsey, if you’re ever there. It is run by wonderful people, really passionate about the area, and also absolute genius knitters. In the downstairs room are GORGEOUS, criminally-affordable creations. If you don’t believe me, believe Timothy Spall, who came there and bought loads of hand-knit treasures while we were there.
Now! There are a few things coming up, very soon. Tomorrow evening I will be singing Dowland with Emma Kirkby’s Dowland Works, at 6:30pm at Holy Trinity Stroud Green. It’s “pay what you can”. Bring a sandwich and a cushion. I sing at 6:30, and then at 9:10pm in a different dress, I’ll be doing Songs of the Great War with Matt Redman! Early Music, but a little later! (In more ways than one) LINK HERE.
On Sunday evening, at the Rosemary Branch Pub Theatre, something really special. Of course everybody knows about silent films with live musical accompaniment. How about live story-readings with live musical accompaniment! We’re hoping to start a trend, but we need lots of people to know we’re doing it, so please spread the word. Matt and I are teaming up with Nunkie Theatre in two Sherlock Holmes stories, the Dying Detective and the Veiled Lodger. Robert Lloyd Parry, famous for his dramatic and immersive readings of MR James’ ghost stories complete with candles and bucketloads of atmosphere, will read these stories as Matt underscores with appropriate music and sound effects. I sing, too! There will be songs and singalongs as well. Here is a little sneak preview from a rehearsal. Just on a phone, the sound etc. is much better in person and in the venue. Tickets and info HERE

And! Yet another event in the London area. With Andrea Kmecova (You can hear her piano in “Always” as well as the title track on Our Lovely Day…just hit THIS LINK and click on the tiny little play button next to that title below the description) I have been exploring the unique contribution to the popular Parlour Song made by women. Derided as a domestic, and therefore trivial art form, we’re going to tell the stories behind the songs, the achievements of these composers, and crucially, demonstrate that they are jolly good music too!
This will be in Deptford, for Goldsmiths, University of London, and the concert is called Women Who Wrote Songs.
Information HERE!
Thank you for your patience in reading all of this! Also I realise this is all a little last-minute. You know how it is, you work to do things, and to take the time out to promote them seems counterintuitive!

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