I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to release a Renaissance CD, but here’s the first! It contains a lot of Campion, not only a composer but also poet – and physician! The CD contains a catchy Broadside Ballad, and a very folky number as well as Dowland’s sexy morbid hit, In Darkness Let Me Dwell.
And some interesting instrumentals performed by William Summers and Stephen Carpenter, the former playing a flute made out of pear-tree wood and a boxwood descant recorder, and the latter a 7 course lute by Paul Thomson and a 5-course Renaissance guitar by Peter Forrester, which weighs about as much as a ukulele.
Anyway, you can buy it on Big Cartel! HERE.

And here is a sampling so you know what it all sounds like:

The new year is filling up…there will be a project with the Museum of Vancouver for Canada’s 150th birthday, many projects to do with the hundredth anniversary of America’s joining the First World War, a Wilton’s Music Hall date, a tour of Guernsey, and even better, I’ll be in Southport on the 18th of January for Midweek Music! I love that series, and especially the lady who runs it, marvellous Angela, my partner-in-crime for the legendary 2006 tour of North Wales, never forgotten. The people who attend Midweek Music are wonderful. True music-lovers. Last time, I sold out of CDs and about six people gave me money and trusted me to send them the CDs later, which is almost unheard-of. Hoping to visit the Lawnmower Museum while there.

At Valence House for From Sebastopol to Dagenham

At Valence House for From Sebastopol to Dagenham

Here is a photo from the concert at Valence House where we performed songs from the Crimean War. I tried to get the dress as right as I could without bankrupting myself, but the length is a bit short, made to appear shorter by the LATE Victorian high heels: I did have some black velvety flat slippers as they would have worn in the 1850s, I carefully chose them in Brussels a year ago, but I left them outside for a few minutes and the foxes stole them! When I found them, one in a neighbour’s yard and one a block away, they’d been chewed beyond usefulness. Matt as always looks perfect.

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