“All the songs are beautiful and so very well sung” – Hugues Cuenod

“One of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard” – Tom Conti

A music-box of vintage treasures, beautifully sung by a remarkable woman. – Sir Michael Parkinson

Bravo to you and Matt and all of you! what a very talented lot of people!
We do so appreciate the tender and respectful way you have treated the songs, not wrenching them up to date but just giving them your honest and creative reaction, as of now. – Dame Emma Kirkby

In 2010 a CD arrived in the post. I put it in the machine and was immediately smitten. I picked up the telephone and invited Patricia to the Swaledale Festival. She brought the house down. She has been back every year since, each time with a fresh musical offering, each time seducing the audience with her gorgeous voice and her infectious character. This is what festival directors dream of! Needless to say, Patricia is coming to Swaledale again in 2015.
Malcolm Creese, Artistic Director, Swaledale Festival

Ian Rosenblatt, founder, the Branscombe Festival:

January 2015
We have had Patricia and Matt perform twice now at Valence House, and both times they have gone down a storm.  Not only are they both outstanding performers, but their knowledge of musical history is astounding – a real added extra to their performances.  They create such a lovely atmosphere, dressed in their period costumes, and actively encourage the audience to join in.  We have such lovely feedback from the public regarding Patricia and Matt.  We hope to have them back for many of our future events.
Leeanne Westwood, Curator, Valence House Museum

January, 2015
Patricia performed a wonderful concert in the historic Pitzhanger Manor House, singing songs from the WWI-era. Her beautiful voice charmed the audience and she was a delight to watch, entertaining all with her stories and fantastic knowledge of music from the era. A huge thank you from us and the audience, all of whom told us how much they had enjoyed the evening!
Hannah ThomasExhibitions & Events Coordinator, Pitzhanger Manor House & Gallery

December, 2014
Patricia Hammond and her Ragtime Parlour Band presented the more frivolous and entertaining aspects of the First World War to an enthralled Buxton Festival audience. We would welcome them back anytime.
Randall Shannon, Buxton Festival

December, 2014
A wonderful sing-along filled with old fashioned glamour. Really added something extra to our WW1 commemorations and was thoroughly enjoyed by the public.
Joanne BaileyArchives+ Manchester Central Library

January, 2015
Vocalist Patricia Hammond charmed us with her pre and post war era tunes, bringing a poised and elegant presence to the stage. Patricia and guitar accompanist Budge Schachte have a soulful chemistry — evermore so when it was revealed to the audience that they met in person for the first time the day before!The first half of this MOV event included a selection of 1940s tunes that brought out the hardships and far away travels of these times when soldiers left their families and lovers behind. Patricia encouraged the audience to join in with “You’ll get used to it”, “Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!” and “We’ll meet again some sunny day”.After a costume change to a more whimsical dress, appropriate for the 1950s post-war era, the second half of the show brought a feeling of letting go with songs such as, “This is my lovely day” and “Enjoy yourself.” Quite the conversationalist, Patricia revealed her passion for collecting sheet music. She discovered “She wears red feathers and a huly huly skirt” at Carillon Music in Vancouver, and performed it for the first time this night, with charm and grace. Patricia’s 1950s dress had a playful fabric, which swayed as she sang and danced.She revealed that it was a reproduction designed by Vivien of Holloway, and amusingly mentioned that certain songs tickled the bones of this dress, acting as an “imaginary singing teacher” as she sang.
Rachel Roy, Museum of Vancouver

September, 2014
Patricia and Matt added an extra dimension to our event, bringing a focal point to one of our recently restored vehicles , and creating a lovely atmosphere. She encouraged the audience to join in the singing and helped to transport everyone back to 1914. Patricia was very professional throughout, and was a pleasure to work with.
Lyndsey McLean, Public Programmes Manager, London Transport Museum

September 2014
It was an absolute pleasure having you and Matt perform at Burgh House last Sunday, there was a wonderful atmosphere in the music room, throughout the house and into the gardens when you were playing, and I’ve heard so many people this week comment on how much they enjoyed the music.
Andrew Hunt
Operations and Events Manager
Burgh House & Hampstead Museum

August 2014
You and Matthew were STARS. We loved you both so very much. A big thank you to both of you and hope we can have you back again.
Veronica Stuart, Events Co-ordinator, Melford Hall, National Trust

August, 2014
Thank you so much for taking part in our Edwardian Late – I really enjoyed your concert and we received great feedback from the audience.
Marie Klimis, Horniman Museum, Programme Development Co-ordinator

September, 2012
Patricia Hammond is a star. She sings regularly at the Royal Star and Garter and always delights, not only with her beautiful, unforced singing voice, but with her charm, empathy, and the total rapport she sets up with her audience. Her repertoire is perfect. She selects songs which always evoke memories, she produces smiles and tears as she wanders amongst the audience. They all love her and ask “when is she coming again?” She gives great pleasure to a great many people.
Pat Maynard, The Music Group.

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  1. Ken Mathews Says:

    On Saturday the 18th of November, Patricia and Matt Redman came to our village, Oborne, which is just outside Sherborne in Dorset, and put on their concert ‘Songs of The Great War’. It was brilliant! In fact, in a way it was a pity that they were up on a stage as their performance is so wonderfully informal – we could all have been sitting around the fireside at home – a family gathering! Patricia’s sang the songs – she really does have a beautiful voice – and the virtuoso Matt accompanied her on a whole range of stringed instruments. Although the background to the songs – the Great War – is somber, there was nothing maudlin or sentimental about the music – well, alright, just a little bit sentimental at times! But with their relaxed style and their chatter about the songs and Matt’s instruments, it was a hugely entertaining and fun evening, one that we will long remember. We want them both to come back to Oborne as soon as possible to do their 1940’s concert. Thank you Patricia and Matt for coming a long way to deepest Dorset and giving us a truly great evening.

    Ken Mathews

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